Internet Marketing Branding – Choosing the Right Photo

To put the value of your photo selection in black and white — your photo matters. The photo you choose to display on your website, in your business links and on your articles will determine the quality of responses you get from your business online.

Black and White —

The Arts have it. If you’re working in an artistic industry where you have the option of empowering your choices with creative influence, by all means, break out the black and white. Boldly target your audience with your best features and create an artistic venue for your brand recognition photo. Delve right into the artistic power of asymmetry and allow the creative side of your vision to become visible to the multitudes.

Color Blocked Geometric —

Laughable as it may be, the Joker’s color blocked face betrayed the nation with an element of artistic awareness that belied the seductive qualities of the Joker’s true nature. When cutsy became ballzy, the defiance of seductive cover-up sent a new market productive evidence. Prosperity becomes a mute point when brand recognition stares defiantly into the face of logic. Color Blocked design works, if you’re gutsy enough to attempt it.

Sienna Demure and Archaic —

Aged with quality assurance and dependability. The mere act of aging a photo adds resilient credibility to the business owner. Once your credibility is proven, brand recognition becomes obvious.

“What? You haven’t heard of Sienna Demure?” she asks in a stunned voice, “they’ve been around simply forever. In fact, I’m certain my grandmother purchased from Sienna Demure. Perhaps you should give them a try?”

Are you really going to admit you’ve never heard of Sienna Demure before? It would get you in trouble.

Boring Reality Pic —

Or, you could simply select a boring reality picture that drives your image home in today’s market.

The choice is yours…

DIY Marketing – Branding Secrets Top Business Owners Know and Use

Branding your company may seem like a simple set of tasks. Choose a niche, a service or product to sell, a company name, a logo, business cards, a website and “Voila!” You are in business! It is true you can be “in business” with little effort. However, the level of success you experience will depend on whether you know — and use — fundamental, yet little known “secrets”. Your understanding of these four secrets will catapult you ahead of your competition right from the start:

1. Your company’s values must be in alignment with your personal values. Your company brand represents you and all you stand for. You are going to spend many hours, days, months and years working in your business and representing your business. If your company is an accurate reflection of your own personal core values, and not in conflict with any of them, the long hours you will spend working in your business will be much less stressful. In fact, your work life can be a joyful, playful expression of who you are and what you care most about. We all want to do work that feels like play. Now is your chance to create or re-invent your company to become an expression of you and to create a “skin” that you will feel comfortable living in for many years to come.

2. Your brand is created only in part by you. It is co-created by the public in how they view you. You have control over the message you send out about who your company is, what is stands for and what it promises. You have no control over how the message is interpreted by its recipients, your prospective customers. Your brand is also subject to the tides of public opinion. Plenty of companies have fallen victim to their own best marketing efforts by creating unwittingly a marketing message that is negatively received by the public, causing untolled, and sometimes irreparable damage. Creating and refining your marketing message to appeal to consumers is an art you must master to be successful.

3. Discovering, rather than simply imagining, who your ideal client is will determine your level of success. Crystallize your understanding of the client you seek to serve. Fiction writers create a “back story” for each of their fictional characters before they write a word. They conjure biographical details about each character, describing what his life influences have been, which then informs his character. The author then literally “knows” how each character would behave in a certain situation and knows what his character’s response to various stimuli would be. As a business owner, you must “characterize” your ideal prospective customer in this same manner. This knowledge is necessary for you to craft products and services that you prospective customer will respond to and buy.

4. Your customer is seeking an experience not merely a purchase. Because of the large number of choices available, consumers have become accustomed to expect a pleasant and desirable experience with any purchase. Consumers have been trained to believe that if they buy a particular product or service, that their lives will be transformed for the better, if even briefly. A trip to Starbucks is an event and evokes pleasurable feelings in the consumer that run much deeper than just the purchase of a hot beverage. A trip on a cruise ship is much more than mere transportation from one destination to another. Your product or service will be more attractive if it promises and delivers a pleasurable, perhaps even life-changing experience.

Whether, and how soon in your company’s life, you master these fundamental secrets will be a determining factor in your company’s success.

Internet Marketing Branding – Learn a Simple Three Step Strategy to Instantly Enforce Your Branding

Any online business, no matter the subject, needs advertising, in order to get a public. The better the advertising campaign, the larger the public you’ll get, the more effective your marketing plan will be.

Let me tell you why and how internet marketing branding can improve the results of your campaign.

A brand allows your audience to identify you with it. They can easily recall you through it and associate to it all the positive feelings you are able to convey with your offer.
Moreover, it allows you to connect with them in the long term, converting your buyers in recurring and satisfied customers.

Here are three tips you can apply in your self branding strategy.

1) Design a logo
Design a logo a put it in the header of your website and in the signature of your emails. Your logo should convey the feelings associated with your offer through a good choice of shapes, colors, contrast and balance. The best advice I can give you, is to hire a professional graphic designer and work with him on it.

2) Create expert pages
Article directories allow you to create a profile page, where you ca insert your photograph, your credentials and a bio. Make sure to write you bio focusing on your main message. Firmly position yourself focusing on your goals, define the purpose of your business and convey it through a vision statement.

3) Publish articles
The same article directories allow you to submit your content. Identify the main problems your customers usually face and write articles about them. Make them informative, giving solid advice and submit them to these websites. Each one of them will be dedicated a web page and they will appear all together on your expert page, reinforcing your brand.

What you need to do now is start branding yourself. Follow these three steps, create your brand and track the results. If you’re not satisfied with it, tweak it and improve your name recognition and over the course of time you’ll make it stronger and stronger.

If you want to learn more about this subject, I invite you to visit Article Power, where you can find a full list of article directories you can build your expert page on.