Easy Article Marketing – Brand Yourself With Articles

If you haven’t branded yourself yet, using articles is the easiest (and in my opinion, the best) way to do it. Here’s how to brand yourself with articles:

Decide your niche.

The first important step is determining your niche. Who is your perfect audience? What are their interests? What do they enjoy doing? How can you relate to them?

When you know your niche inside and out, it is easier to talk to them. This makes writing articles for them to read much easier and quicker as well.

Write often.

Once you’ve established your target market (niche), write articles as often as you can. It does absolutely no good to write a handful of articles to submit, then stop there. You have to write frequently to build up a good audience.

Speak openly about the topic(s).

One of the best ways to relate to your target customer is to speak freely and openly about the topics they are intersted in. Take a positive, but open stance, and openly discuss important issues. Remember to stay upbeat, despite the topic.

Stay on target.

Don’t hop from one subject to another. Stay focused and on target with your niche’s interests and concerns. If your target market is 50-something singles, don’t write about marriage issues or child-rearing issues. Write about things that your target market is interested in, such as dating after 50, or introducing your new love to your grown children.

By following these simple methods, you can quickly brand yourself as an author. You’ll build a following of people who enjoy reading your articles and will keep coming back for more.

Internet Marketing Branding – Unlock the Secrets of Internet Marketing Branding

What would it be like to be a master of internet marketing branding? Well, imagine you’re Apple and people line up for days to be the first to buy your new product. Or, picture yourself as the CEO of Google, your brand synonymous with the best, most trusted service of its kind. It can be yours when you unlock the secrets of internet marketing branding.

Secret#1 – It’s all branding

In all my years of marketing and business development, branding is one of the most commonly used and widely misunderstood concepts out there. Clients and colleagues have asked what can I do to enhance my brand. Here’s the fact, it’s all branding. There is no one thing that can magically improve or change your brand. Both online and offline, it is everything you say to your staff, your clients, your suppliers and the public. With over 80% of the public using the internet prior to making a purchase, understanding the impact of digital media is crucial to you and your brand.

Secret#2 – Manage your brand or it will manage you

Branding actually starts before any sort of marketing happens. It’s the nerve center of your organization and your business plan. People and business structures make up the organs and bones and your brand impacts all of the communication and interaction. Hear this loud and clear, you need to manage your brand internally and externally. One final thing, you brand is not an edict from the top. It is cultivated, nurtured and nudged to get as close to your vision, realizing that you may need to adapt, too.

Secret#3 – Get input from your customers

One of the most powerful aspects of internet marketing branding is the opportunity to engage your customers and gauge how you are being perceived. Experts agree that you need a blog or some other way to invite feedback from your audience. A word of caution, don’t whitewash responses. Everyone knows that nobody is perfect, so don’t pretend to be.

Another powerful way to get input from your clients is to use your online database (create it now, if you don’t have one; AWeber is a good place to start) and create a survey. Imagine hearing from your most loyal customers exactly what is working and what can be improved. That’s precisely what you can get with a well constructed survey. For a free and relatively robust service, check out Survey Monkey.

Secret#4 – Show the personality behind the brand

Have you noticed that I’m not recommending a robotic, “We are the greatest ‘X’ business in your area; you’d be crazy to go anywhere else,” type of brand. Let your personality show through. Your company has a personality and so do the principles. Tell the world and let them see what you are all about. Using video in your internet marketing branding campaign is a fantastic way to show the human side of your company and to give your clients even more to relate to.

Secret#5 – Consistency, congruency, cohesion

I’m going to circle back to general brand advice. You can’t afford to take chances when developing what will become the defining characteristic of your business. When I work with my clients on branding, I make sure they understand that they need consistency, congruency and cohesion in the messaging. Consistency means all of the channels; internal and external, online and offline, written and spoken, all come from the same core principles. Can you picture saying you’re cutting edge and having website from 1984? That’s an example of incongruency. Are there any message like that in your current communication? When being customer friendly and open is part of your vision for your brand, your internet marketing branding better include some social media and other web 2.0 outlets. And finally, to get cohesion, make sure that everyone knows exactly the direction you’re nudging the brand so that they can all lean into it together.

Internet marketing branding is a blessing in the ways that it lets you get your hands and mind around your brand so that you can share it with your customers. When you’re not using it correctly, it’s a curse. Picture your ideal brand. How do your team members act? What do your customers experience? What do you get to do? Now, how close are you?

Direct Marketing – Brand Identity Guru Tips

If your company doesn’t have a direct marketing program in place, a direct marketing agency can create one for you. A direct marketing company provides small to very large customizable ranges of business-to-business and business-to-consumer direct marketing options sure to fit your needs. From database creation and maintenance to data analysis and creative program execution, a direct marketing company can take any existing direct marketing program, or a lack of one, and develop a highly efficient direct sales machine for your company.

A good direct marketing company employs experts in each aspect of direct marketing who have proven time and time again they have what it takes to create a successful direct mail campaign and turn your existing unorganized data into a powerful computer-readable customer database.

The goal of any successful direct marketing program is ultimately a positive effect on your bottom line. Good direct marketing programs are proven performers that will give you an edge over your competition. The direct marketing expertise and capabilities that a good direct marketing company offers will turn your direct marketing expenditures into successful investments.

Look for a company that has years of target market research experience ready to work for you. They will uncover who your best customers are and develop a direct marketing campaign that will get them to respond.

They should know how to impact behavior, get results and form the basis for long-term relationships with your customers and prospects.

Direct marketing abilities should include:

– Direct response advertising

– Customer relation’s management

– Data management services and data analysis

– Media planning, media buying and complete direct marketing campaign management

Seven HUGE Tips to Direct Marketing that gets results

Successful direct marketing takes planning and strategic thought…

1. Know your goal: What do you want your direct marketing to accomplish? What kind of impression do you wish to leave? Do you wish to inform your prospects about your product or just make them aware? Recently, Brand Identity Guru was asked by a client to expand its direct marketing efforts, so we created a direct marketing piece to showcase our client’s most attractive points. That direct marketing piece now accounts for 30 percent of the client’s new business.

2. Research: Don’t just have a list. Learn something about your customers so you can speak to them better. Discover their hot buttons, so you can push them.

3. Plan properly: The best direct marketing campaigns work along with PR, traditional advertising, brand strategy and efforts by your sales force. Ultimately, each piece is part of a larger total company campaign and should work together.

4. Be relevant: Direct marketing efforts should offer something your clients might want to buy.

5. Be conscious of details: Find the name of your primary contacts, and make sure you spell them right in the items you send to them. Even the best direct marketing piece is useless in the trash.

6. Be consistent: Use a series of pieces that speak to your customer’s needs. Don’t know what they are? Ask. Usually, December is not a good time because mailboxes are already overcrowded. Brand Identity Guru suggests waiting until February or another month.

7. Follow up: If you don’t follow up, the results of your direct marketing efforts could crash to a halt. Initiate a conversation with people on your list. A phone call a week or two after your mailing is a great idea.

Direct marketing is a powerful tool to capture your prospects’ attention and orders. If your direct marketing includes an attractive offer, imagine what the results will be. Throw in a brand-centric foundation and you have a direct marketing effort even more powerful than the sum of its parts.